On Balance:

"I suffer from MS and going regularly to Tai Chi classes has greatly improved my balance and thereby my continuing mobility. The whole philosophy of learning to better listen to one's body and to settle into an enjoyment of the moment has also proved very beneficial for my sense of well-being and maintaining a positive outlook on life. Alan's classes are relaxed and friendly and have become a regular highlight of my week."

Malcolm, retired archaeologist - Pershore

On Meeting Life:

"Some years ago I was looking after a very elderly man. He was very nice and I enjoyed looking after him but at times he attempted to make inappropriate physical contact with me. In this situation I found that my Tai chi skills came to the fore without me even consciously thinking about it. When my client came towards me in an attempt to make inappropriate contact, I found my right arm coming up automatically, gently changing the path his hand was taking towards me, so that it went to one side of me instead of making contact. No force or bad feeling was involved. In fact I think we were both a bit suprised!

It saved me some discomfort and was a kind and subtle way of addressing his inappropriate behaviour. I think that regularly practising the form with Alan trained my body/mind to new and more helpful responses to life’s challenges."

Elizabeth, carer - Malvern

On Classes

"Tai Chi is easily explained it is ‘My Time’ when all everyday things and problems are forgotten and a calm, peaceful feeling takes over if only for a while."

Lyn T, retired - Malvern

"There are few things in my life that continue to benefit me as much as Tai Chi."

Lynn C, retired - Malvern

On Workshops

"The morning was beautifully crafted; it flowed at exactly the right pace and intensity and the ending was perfect!"

Dr Sue Allbright - Malvern Beacon Clinic

Reflections on Duo Tai Chi:

"My small space is good enough: As an 8 stone, 5 feet 3 inches female, I have a tendency to think that I need to make myself bigger. During duo tai chi this causes me to over-step my reach, to try to make my space bigger, to over extend my energy which leads to inevitable disaster. My duo dance partner can feel that I am not in my centre, not balanced; they can step aside to let me stumble.

At other times, particularly when working with Alan, I feel so small and ineffective; I give away my centre and I ‘run away’. However, last night I had an empowering revelation; I held myself to my small but alive and powerful centre. I did not take large steps in order to escape the powerful flow of Alan’s energy. I flowed in my own small space and was not over-powered or unbalanced. Of course the moment was soon over – broken by an attack of delighted giggles.

Duo, or dancing tai chi, provides me with a rare and safe place in which to explore my emotional and physical balance. It is such a simple gift and it offers me insight and empowerment.

Thank you, Alan."

Alison, acupuncturist - Malvern