What people say

How has Tai Chi helped me?

Mentally Alan’s gentle and fun style of teaching has empowered me to be confident and able to attempt new physical skills without being embarrassed and feeling useless!

Emotionally Tai Chi has a deeply relaxing and calming effect.  For the whole time that I am practising with Alan the rest of the world and my busy thoughts disappear.

Physically Tai Chi has enabled me to notice where I hold tension within my body and to release it. This skill has transferred to my every-day life and enables me to more easily negotiate the challenges and stresses of day-to-day living leaving me far less fraught and tired at the end of the day.

I have also become far more aware of my spine and the alignment of my lower back which has solved my lower back ache!

Alison, acupuncturist - Malvern

On Classes

"Tai Chi is easily explained it is ‘My Time’ when all everyday things and problems are forgotten and a calm, peaceful feeling takes over if only for a while."

Lyn T, retired - Malvern

"There are few things in my life that continue to benefit me as much as Tai Chi."

Lynn C, retired - Malvern