Sunday, 13 October 2019

Free Duo Tai Chi Class in Malvern

Monday, 21st October from 7.45pm to 9.05pm
Venue: Grove Primary School, Pickersleigh Grove, Malvern WR14 2LU.
Cost: FREE

Most people know of the slow, graceful movements of the Tai Chi solo forms.  The Duo Tai Chi class is where we practise the qualities of embodied movement with different partners through the form of Push Hands and Ta Lu.  It is said that the solo Forms enable us to re-discover the stillness of the mountain top, a place of inner calm and harmony whilst Duo Tai Chi transfers those qualities into the busyness of the market place or daily life.

Duo Tai Chi enriches the solo forms and becomes an art for living well. Duo Tai Chi is both enjoyable in itself and is also a way to empower our daily interactions.  Why not ome along on Monday, 23rd and try it out for free?  If you like it, you may want to join the weekly Monday evening Duo Tai Chi class.

New Tai Chi Class on Tuesday evenings in Worcester.

Tuesday, 22nd October from 8.10pm to 9.30pm 
Venue: St Barnabas Church Hall, Green Lane, Worcester WR3 8NZ.  
Cost: £5 per person.  

This one-off Tai Chi session is open to you all and is an opportunity to both deepen or re-connect with your Tai Chi practice.  The session will comprise some movement and meditation, some Form revision and pair work as well as exploring the core principles underlying all Tai Chi movement.

A weekly course will commence the following week,  29th October from 8.10pm to 9.30pm. This course will be shaped around the needs and wishes of those who come to the 23rd October session. So, whether you wish to learn or revise the Short Form, Long Form or Sword Form, learn Duo Tai Chi or meditation come along on Tuesday, 23rd at 8.10pm and help shape the road ahead.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Classes Re-starting Soon

All my Heartland Tai Chi classes are about to re-start in September.
Take a look at the classes page to find the  class to suit you and/or to check on your resuming classes.