About Heartland Tai Chi

"Tai Chi is very simple. However simple is not the same as easy. The delightful simplicity of moving with our body, rather than doing something to it, is a genuine art. It requires open-hearted attention, a child-like wonder and an artist's perseverance." 
                                                                                                Alan Smith    
In the following pages you can find information on my approach to Tai Chi and to meditation.  There are many styles of Tai Chi and ways of teaching so it's important to see if my Heartland approach appeals to you. Currently I'm focusing on offering 1-2-1 tuition and occasional small group workshops.

I teach traditional Yang-style Tai Chi and have been teaching since 1985. I am a registered senior instructor with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

My interest in Tai Chi grew out of a life-long interest in meditation. Whilst I know the martial applications of Tai Chi, my teaching emphasises the health benefits, Tai Chi as meditation and Tai Chi as an art for skilful living.

I chose the name Heartland partly because of our geographical location in Worcestershire, but primarily because there is a place in the heart of our being which has a natural affinity with the wholesome and true. When we remember and connect with this place, our world changes and we start to live in the actual heartland of our true nature.

Tai Chi is a wonderful exercise system as it is non-competitive and can be enjoyed by all ages. Heartland Tai Chi also emphasises the importance of personal development through reflection and applying insights as an art for living well.

In the midst of our hectic 21st Century lives, it is a gift to have the ability to become fully present, open and relaxed. Whilst learning anything requires a certain perseverance, I can guarantee that the benefits of Tai Chi will far outweigh any initial efforts.

As you may know, not all Tai Chi is the same, and I think it important to highlight Heartland Tai Chi's emphasis. My particular interest in creating and developing Heartland Tai Chi is 3-fold:

1. To teach Yang-style Tai Chi in accordance with the classical writings on Tai Chi. For instance, what makes a movement specifically Tai Chi as opposed to just slow-motion moving. To this end, we use chi kung exercises and Tai Chi sequences, body awareness, posture and the breath.

2. To teach meditation as a way to reveal our natural integrity & dignity. For instance, true relaxation and openness leads us to a sense of embodied well-being. A tense mind leads to a tense or disconnected body.

3. To apply these understandings into all aspects of our lives. This is the martial art of skilful living. The ability to be present in each moment and to respond effectively rather than to react habitually.