Health Benefits

Tai Chi is a series of soft, flowing, continuous movements which relax the mind, 
open the heart and strengthen the body.

Tai Chi is a form of meditation in movement and is usually performed as though in slow motion. In most documentaries on China you see a short clip of people doing these slow, graceful and visually relaxing movements in the parks first thing in the morning. In China it is well known for its healing powers and is often prescribed by doctors in addition to other treatments. The gentle nature of Tai Chi makes it suitable for people of all ages.

Tai Chi is regularly in the news. Mainstream medicine and scientific research are now proving what practitioners have know for years. Recent research shows that eventually Tai Chi may be 'prescribed' in some instances for arthritis etc, and how it helps reduce falls risk for older adults.

There are many forms of Tai Chi and they are named after different family lineages. At Heartland Tai Chi we teach Yang-style Tai Chi.

Chi Kung (sometimes written Qigong) is the art of Chi or energy cultivation. Again there are many different styles of Chi Kung e.g. Wild Goose Qigong, Medical Chi Kung, martial Chi Kung.

At Heartland Tai Chi we teach ‘Tai Chi’ Chi Kung which means that the principles of natural movement, not using force, soft limit etc. are present both in the Tai Chi forms and the Chi Kung exercises. Each compliments the other.

Chi Kung are a series of separate exercises which harmonise the heart, mind, breathing and body.

There are many ways that Tai Chi and Chi Kung promote health & well-being:
  • Improved balance
  • Better posture & alignment
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Increased blood circulation
  • A strengthened immune system
  • A calmer mind
  • Improved concentration

My emphasis in creating Heartland Tai Chi is to give people the opportunity to learn the authentic art of Tai Chi through integrating 'method' with 'heart'.

'Method' is the path of technique which includes all the physical principles of Tai Chi movement, posture, energy, physical balance and applications etc.

'Heart' is the way to go beyond merely doing external forms and instead to rediscover a deeper quality of our being. We use method to go beyond method.

Practising method without heart is solely a path of technique whilst heart without method is never able to embody these qualities in daily situations.

Fortunately the method which allows us to discover a natural posture or the simple clarity of a Tai Chi movement also releases a deep quality of well-being from within our heart.

This natural openness of the heart is an honest communication with oneself and others. We have the possibility of using physical movements both in the Solo Tai Chi & Duo Tai Chi Forms to improve health, posture, balance & energy whilst also recognising that 'well-being' is not an activity but rather an energy inherent in the heart of our being.

Heartland Tai Chi is a wonderful exploration of play, skill & beauty and is a martial art for living well.