Inner Truth:
"The yielding are within, yet the strong hold the middle. 
Joyous and gentle: thereby truly the country is transformed."

More usually people know of meditation as a sitting practice. Tai Chi is often classed as a meditation in movement as the slow, flowing movements ask us to be fully present with the stream of our experience and to embody a quality of open, relaxed attention.

Many people are interested in the practice of meditation and it covers quite a wide range of possibilities such as:

  • Becoming more relaxed 
  • Developing insight 
  • A time of contemplation 
  • Making friends with aspects of oneself 
  • Becoming less scattered and more present 
  • Honouring your own ‘spiritual’ values 

I have been practising meditation for more than 35 years and know that it brings a wholesome quality to daily life.

With any meditation practice it is always good to be able to clarify the meditation method by talking with a teacher who will be interested in your experiences and able to make suggestions based on their own experience.

If you are interested in exploring the practice of meditation, do get in touch.

Meditation has nothing to do with trying to make your mind a blank, suppressing thoughts/feelings or creating a personal fantasy world. On the other hand, the practice of meditation could help us become more genuine, honest and effective human beings.